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This vs. That: Eggs

We are what we eat…and so are chickens

Eggs, which ones to buy? There are myriads of choices: farm fresh all natural, brown, cage-free, cage-free organic, etc. What about your local farmer? That’s what we are going to look at briefly…

Some definitions for this comparison: Cage-free: chickens are not confined to a small cage, but instead allowed to walk around and forage for their food. Most ideal is in grassy pasture full of different plants and bugs for food. Sometimes this simply means they are grain-fed in a pen outside of a “hen house;” Organic: meaning the chickens laying the eggs are fed on grass that has not been grown with the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and/or fed some supplemental grain grown in the same fashion;

THIS: Local Farmer
  • Cage-free, pasture raised
  • Organic
  • High in nutritional value: excellent source of retinol, vitamin E, also has beta carotene and favorable Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio
  • Truly fresh—usually within the week
  • Higher price: up to $3.50/dozen
  • Taste is superior…don’t believe me? Try one!
THAT: Conventional
  • Raised in a factory cage
  • Fed chemical-laced grain product only—meaning your eggs are just a re-arranged version of mostly corn!
  • Lacking nutritional value
  • Only labeled fresh—can be weeks or months old by the time they sit on the store shelf…sounds yucky to me!
  • Priced cheap—you get what you pay for!
  • Taste is bland and even sulfur-like

How do I find a local farmer? First check out your local farmer’s market and find one selling eggs, make sure to ask what they feed their chickens just to make sure you are getting a good product. Or check out Eat Wild for pasture raised poultry and eggs in your area. Here are just a couple other links that might be helpful in the endeavor of eating more nutritional-dense food: Food, Inc. and Organic vs. pesticide free

Until next time!

From the city,

photos by: butterflyfood & thermwox

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