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Hello friends, due to the short work week we will be posting on Tuesday and Thursday this week instead of our usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With that said we are FINALLY ready to unveil some of our latest graphic design projects! Enjoy.

MIDWESTMEDIA is an accomplished full-service marketing and public relations company located in Oklahoma City. Currently specializing in branding, video production and public relations MIDWESTMEDIA continues to expand their talented portfolio as they branch out into graphic design and website development.

This last year I have personally enjoyed working one-on-one with the MIDWESTMEDIA team as they continue to develop their print portfolio. After an evaluation of their 5 year history it was time for MIDWESTMEDIA to update their brand in a way that related more personally to their future goals and objectives. (more…)

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Fresh & Local: 2011 Summer Guide to OKC+ Farmers’ Markets


Hello friends! IT IS FINALLY HERE!! This is one post that Cale and I look forward to sharing with you every year (well, for two years now…)! We understand first hand that although you may love the idea of simple living it can be difficult to find the extra time, the TLC, the space, and sometimes the money that it takes to grow your own garden. We are passionate about connecting you with resources to help you live a simple lifestyle that still fits within the schedule of real life. So whether you are just looking for a little “filler” to add to your already growing lettuce or plan to buy all your produce locally here is a way you can take advantage of other farmers’ summer bounty!


Edmond Farmer’s Market:
Date: (June 1st – September 24th) Wednesdays/Saturdays
Time: 8am to 1pm
Location: Downtown Edmond on 1st street, west of Broadway
Payment: Cash and some vendors accept checks & credit/debit cards

Vendor List; Produce List

NWIAA’s (National Women in Agriculture Association) Community Farmers’ Market :
Date: (June 17th – August 26th) Fridays
Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: Where: YMCA; 1701 N Martin Luther King, Oklahoma City, OK
Payment: Cash

Produce List; Facebook
**If you go to their website please note that the #1 market location is closed.

OSU-OKC Farmers’ Market #2:
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 2:30 pm to 7 pm
Location: Glenbrook East parking lot located on N.W. 63rd Street between N. Western Avenue and N. Grand Boulevard, west of Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s.
Payment: Cash or Check.

Vendor List; Product List; OK Seasonal Produce Availability Calendar

(Yukon) Molly’s Garden
Date: Tuesday/Saturday
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm/8am – 4pm

Location: 10400 NW 150th, Yukon, OK 73099
Payment: Cash

** Purchase home grown fruits and vegetables at a table about 50 feet away from Molly’s Family Garden!

facebook; twitter


(Choctaw) Eastern Oklahoma County Farmers’ Market:
Date: (June 4th – October) Saturdays
Time: 8am – 12am
Location: Choctaw Creek Park located at 2001 N. Harper Road
Payment: Cash Only

(Midwest City/Del City)Mid Del Farmers’ Market:
Date: (June 4th – October) Tuesdays/Saturdays
Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm/9am – 12 pm
Location: 7200 block of SE 29th St.  just north of Starbucks at the Mid America Blvd.
Payment: Cash, debit & SNAP/food stamps and debit. Some vendors accept WIC and Chickasaw benefits.

Vendor List; Order Online & Schedule a Pickup

OSDH Wellness Farmers’ Market
Date: (June – August) Fridays
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117 between 10th & Lincoln
Payment: Cash Only

** This is a very small community market that is looking for farmers. If you are interested in selling your produce this is a great place to start! Contact Kathy Payne at for info!

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2011 Garden Checklist: June

GCHL FreeDwnld

When your sleeping with the windows down and the sounds of frogs at night you know it’s officially summer time! It’s that time of year where you can almost sense the excitement in the cool night air…and that’s not JUST from the kids being home from school! Meg’s Birthday is in June so we always enjoy fresh strawberry shortcake (I swear that girl could eat strawberries everyday!) and we also get to FINALLY start enjoying the fruits of our labor. So get ready folks…it’s almost harvest time!

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Show & Tell


It’s the end of the school year for a lot of our college bound friends and as school is wrapping up so are those last minute projects! We have several friends finishing up their degrees in Architecture and one them has been completing a furniture project in OUR workshop.

So like any proud parent…we had to show it off! ;)

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Date on a Dime: Spring Time


Unless you’re a snowman, or an icicle dependent on frigid temperatures for survival, spring time is pretty much universally accepted as a sweet time of year, and a nice time for dating sweetly.

As the day was just beginning to retire, but the air was still warm & the sky not quite pink yet, I asked my lovely lady if she’d care to join me for a stroll around the neighborhood – to get landscaping ideas for when we eventually buy a house together. As the words tumble from my mouth, an immediate sense of team & intimacy was conjured. Beginners luck.

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Everyday Design: Human Hair


I’ve had my brain on the need for a hair cut so when I ran across Adrienne Antonson I couldn’t think of a better artist for our latest Everyday Design post. Not only is she witty and cute but she lives on an alpaca farm with her husband AND she just launched a clothing line that uses all local materials and labor from local craftsmen. Can you say WOW!!

Adrienne Antonson was born in 1982, in Gainesville, FL. Her mother collected hair in a small velvet box, which had a lasting impact on her as an artist.

“Human hair fuels my desire to give old things new life; with it, I have found a material that is beautiful and historic, stimulating and self-sufficient.”

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This vs. That: Eggs

TvT Eggs

We are what we eat…and so are chickens

Eggs, which ones to buy? There are myriads of choices: farm fresh all natural, brown, cage-free, cage-free organic, etc. What about your local farmer? That’s what we are going to look at briefly…

Some definitions for this comparison: Cage-free: chickens are not confined to a small cage, but instead allowed to walk around and forage for their food. Most ideal is in grassy pasture full of different plants and bugs for food. Sometimes this simply means they are grain-fed in a pen outside of a “hen house;” Organic: meaning the chickens laying the eggs are fed on grass that has not been grown with the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and/or fed some supplemental grain grown in the same fashion;

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GCD: Mixer Covers Providing Jobs for OKC Refugees!


It’s FINALLY HERE!! We’ve been working like busy little bees updating our kitchen line and providing you with the best handmade quality we can. We are so excited to announce our partnership with The Spero Project. Through our new found friendship Green Couch Design is supplying jobs for Refugee Women right here in our city.

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2011 Garden Checklist: May

GCHL FreeDwnld

It’s May already, and that means graduations, weddings, and honey do’s outside. Whether it’s a new deck, a full backyard landscape, or just a little water feature you want to add in, May is the month to do it.  Great weather (usually) and wonderful warm sunny days. It’s not blistering hot yet like July and August, but you shouldn’t have to wear a jacket while acclimating your new koi pond. Keep it simple, and keep it fun, I’ll be doing most of these things on the list as well, including the water feature, so good luck and enjoy the free download!

Click HERE to download the May Garden Checklist

From the Farm    

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