Creatives Near You: Samantha Lamb [Farm Lifestyle Photographer]


We first met Sam Lamb as neighboring booths at a local craft fair. Turns out we have a lot in common with Miss. Lamb and we have enjoyed our random run-ins ever since. Not only does she have an eye for truly breathtaking photographs but we we’re amazed to meet another creative who lives on a farm (with cows, horses, and chickens)! She genuinely enjoys the simple things that make life so sweet and has a joyous heart that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. It’s the kind that makes you want to sit back, count the clouds, and sip a glass of sun soaked tea reeeeaaal slow.

Q) How did you get started?

A) I wanted to capture my grandparents farm in the way that I saw it and people, to my surprise, enjoyed my captures. From there, the morning light had my full and lovely attention.

Q) What about your lifestyle inspires your work and makes it better?

A) Ooohhh my goodness gracious….everything my dears. I live on a full fledged farm, so there is no division of my lifestyle and my inspiration. I am happier than a peach!! :)

Q) Why do you choose to live in the country?

A) The Mornings…….I live next to lovely pastures and I have two amazing barns….one in which I keep a milk cow, in which I milk by hand twice a day. I can plant an acre large garden and share that bounty with all of my loved ones. This would not be possible in the city. Plus, the farm is a well-spring of inspiration and I am obedient to my inspiration.

Q) How do you manage being an artist so far away from a city or art culture?

A) The amazing world of communication has made this possible. I can do most all of my transactions online. Plus, if someone is desperately in love with a piece, I find that they are more than willing to take a day to adventure down to the farm.

Q) How do you use your business and your creativity to give back to the community around you?

A) I give many talks on inspiration to the community. In addition, I bake a pie almost every day. I can tell you that there is quite a few people who enjoy that. But more than anything, I believe my ability to communicate through art has made the whole of the community happier than a peach. After all, I do capture the place they live, and most often where they were raised. They know the love I have for the beauty, because it was tilled into their lives too.


Q) What is your favorite farm memory OR catastrophe?

A) HA….oohhhh dear. So so …so so so many! Maybe my most favorite memory happened very recently. It was the first morn I went out to milk my very own milk cow. I sat myself down in the sweet hay, upon my upturned bucket, and she did so well. I sang bluegrass songs to her the whole of the time and I think she might actually enjoyed my voice. I felt like a real farmer.

Q) Describe your favorite outfit, why do you like it, and where do you get it?

A) My favorite outfit is a purple dress with oh so tiny white tulips that adorn it’s surface. It ties in the back and scoops at the neck. I wear it on days I know I shall be lovely and whole-hearted.

Q) Would you rather marry a farmer or a cowboy? ;)

A) Welllll…hummm….. You got me blushing there…Well the farmer and the cowman should be friends, as the lovely musical “Oklahoma” says. I would like him to be savvy to both actually. But first I need to find a man who does not think I am insane. I want and need a partner in lovely life who looks at me like their favorite pasture, weather he has tilled it for wheat or places only his most prized cattle upon it. I want him to be creative, even if it is just his interesting selection of heirloom seeds he decides to grow or the lowline cattle he decides to raise.

He needs to make me laugh….and know how to have a lovely picnic in the meadow…

Q) List three ways you keep creativity fresh in your day to day?

A) 1. I go on a picnic most mornings. It is a great time to write in my sketch book and go through ideas.

2. Spending time in the garden is essential. Everything can thrive in the garden, and that includes artistic endeavors.

3. I listen to bluegrass and folk music. A lot of Iron and Wine. The tunes are so full of images, they spill into the night of my dreams.

Q) What are your favorite local hangouts?

A) 1. LudavineI simply heart it and all of the whole-hearted ideas that are behind it. I hope one day to sell to them, and then to eat the meal they have prepared with my garden goods

2. The Kozy Diner - It is the local diner here in Hobart….It is where I hang out with a bunch of old farmers. Priceless times…

3. Hobart Farm & Garden - Simply Fun… & they like me!!

4. Sunrise Acres – Home of my favorite farmers in this sweet old world

5. OSU-OKC Farmers Market - Good people and amazing food to buy….very whole-hearted…

And there you have it…one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet (And not a bad photographer too)! ;)

We look forward to catching up with Samantha Lamb this summer, chatting about our latest garden drama, and keeping tabs on any new pieces she has in the works. So refreshing and truly a taste of heaven.

It’s been a pleasure Miss. Lamb!

From the (other) Farm


P.S. For those of you NOT from around these parts we just had to end on Sam’s reference to this fun little ditty. Enjoy! (And yes, please play this for your grumpy office mates) :)

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4 Responses to “Creatives Near You: Samantha Lamb [Farm Lifestyle Photographer]”
  1. 04.27.2011

    She is absolutely adorable.

    • 04.27.2011

      Thanks Joy! We totally agree. What a fun person to interview. It was hard picking out photos to display from her website. Make sure you visit her site and get a good view of ALL her wonderful photos.

  2. Elysia

    where is your glorious farm? oh what i would give to live the life you live….

    • 06.20.2011

      Hello Elysia! Isn’t she great and just so precious! Her farm is in western OK. Thanks for stopping by.

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