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CNY: Christopher and Jess [MIDWESTMEDIA]

Have you ever met a couple or maybe you know someone that never seems to realize just how talented and creative they are? This is the Hunt household, they are some of those people that seem to live life in a completely awesome way and still give you the “well our life is just nuts” line all the time. Don’t get me wrong they are real, very real, and that’s what makes them so much fun. Meg and I are so proud to introduce to you Christopher; Creative Director at Midwestmedia & Marketing, Jess; Hunt household “CEO”, and their two sons Sullivan, and Sawyer. Get ready for some oohs and ahh’s because these kids are cute!

Q) How do you balance a healthy home and running your own business?

A) When you run your own business you don’t have to be at the office by a certain time. This allows me (Christopher) to help Jess with breakfast and other “dad duties” in the morning. Even if I am busy with work I try to pause in the evening and make time for dinner, baths, bedtime books, etc.

There are times when I get into a real creative zone and I appreciate the fact Jess lets me do my work. It means a lot to me to have that kind of support at home. Self-employment has it’s own set of stresses, but the opportunity to create work that truly represents me is something that I just really believe in.

Q) How are your personalities alike and how are they different?

A) Christopher tends to be focused on the big picture, what is the long term plan while I (Jess) am much more focused on the day to day (due to the kids). I am an extremely independent person and a realist while he tends to be the worrier.

In the end we both like the same types of shows, same music, enjoy the same type of events, etc. We are both fun, carefree, and fairly easy going people.

Q) In what ways does your approach to life and work complement each other?

A) We both have the same values and our big picture is the same. Family comes first. We only work to live. I’m not going to take away from life, to work.

Q) Chris, has becoming a dad changed the way you look at film and your creative process?

A) I have a lot more patience when I am shooting kids than before, obviously that comes from being a dad. Another weird thing is that when I am watching a movie or TV show I find myself relating to parents now, which kinda freaks me out. Now if there is a film or TV show that features violence with kids I can’t get past it and I have to just turn it off. I’m sure one day I’ll be able to watch a movie again.

walkabout – a portrait of my son. from christopher hunt on Vimeo.

Q) What are your shared dreams for your family are there things that you want to do as a family ‘some day’?

A) We want Sullivan and Sawyer to experience life and understand that there are things outside of Oklahoma. We don’t want them to feel enclosed here but aim to broaden their horizons with new surroundings. We want them to go to college, no matter where that is and support their passions, whatever that is.

Q) How do you use your business and your creativity to give back to the community around you?

A) @1614 is an art gallery we rotate out every month within the work space of Midwestmedia & Marketing. We produce a film free of charge to the artists that they can use as a marketing tool to hopefully secure more shows. The response has been tremendous, the films have been seen literally all over the world. It is fulfilling a goal of ours to promote Oklahoma art around the nation.

Growing up here in Oklahoma I was always insecure about where I lived and where I came from. I’m really happy to see Oklahoma City taking steps to try and become and really nice town for families to live in. It is crazy because we have a lot of very talented people that live here. So this is my little way of trying to get the word out and break down stereotypes that people may have.

Originally what I thought would happen with the films is that I would show all these people all over the country how great Oklahoma is, but I think what has really happened is that we’ve shown Oklahomans that Oklahoma has talent. I really hope that people can be more secure in themselves and know that it is truly alright to live here. You can be successful here.

@1614 – Brooke Rowlands from christopher hunt on Vimeo.


Q) What is a typical Chris and Jess date night?

A) We really like to go out and eat at a local restaurant and maybe take in a show. Of course we enjoy attending the @1614 Gallery and LIVE on the Plaza every month. We have met a ton of really great people and the sense of community that has been created has been really nice.

This may sound lame but we sometimes have the Grandparents watch the kids on a Saturday to get extra chores done around the house and have some much needed down time.

Q) What is your favorite family memory?

A) Reading is the best thing we’ve done for our kids. It has become a time of play for them that broadens their vocabulary. Noticing that they are actually “learning” from the books has been amazing.

Q) List three of your favorite books to read your kids?

A) 1. Karen Katz/Mommy Hugs and Daddy Hugs 2. I love you through and through 3. Rhyming books

Q) List three of your favorite kid-friendly websites?

A) 1. Disney Family Fun: I (Jess) use this the most. It has easy recipes to help you cook with your children, articles with activities for any situation; holidays, bad weather, crafts, print-ables you can print out they can color and how to videos. It is really focused on family and has great ideas you can do without spending money.

2. PNC Grown Up Great (a PBS website): Helps your kids grow in mind and spirit.

3. BabyZone: This is just a fun resource for anyone expecting. They provide pointers to track your children’s development and send you updates that tell you what your baby should be doing. Especially with your first baby this helped us so much because we were clueless!!

Q) What are your top 5 local kid-friendly hangouts?

A) 1. 1st Presbyterian (Mom’s Day Out): Our kids go there and it gives me a break, which every mom needs! The class structure gets the kids used to being around others, teaches them how to play together and gets them ready for school. It’s a learning experience and teaches them how to listen to other adults, follow rules and learn to behave outside our own home.

2. The Oklahoma City Zoo: Gets the kids outside and teaches them about nature.

3. Bouncin Craze (Edmond, OK) and Jump!Zone (OKC, OK): We can go there when its raining or cold and Sullivan has a blast. Its an enclosed environment so he gets to play with friends, be really loud and act like a little heathen. ;)

4. Science Museum: Toddler Area

5. Focusing on them: Everything is new to a 3 year old so making a bigger deal about normal things is something Sullivan loves! For example; take them with you to purchase the sand for their Toy Box. We let both kids pick out 1 toy of their choice for their new Toy Box. They may not have picked the toy we would have, but it was their choice and they loved it!

I think our favorite part is the one about reading as a family memory. I remember reading as a child and how much it opened my mind to a world bigger than the one I lived in. I love it! If you want to see more of Christopher’s work jump over to Midwestmedia & Marketing.

We’ll be hanging out tonight @1614 with Christopher in OKC. Stop by Live on the Plaza and check out Brook Rowlands work from 7-11pm. Hope to see you there!

From the Farm

P.S. We couldn’t resist including this last video…it’s one of our favorites!

Hunt Family Christmas Card from christopher hunt on Vimeo.

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