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This vs. That: Diapers

Disposable vs. Cloth

This: Disposables
  • Convenient!
  • Easy to fit many babies
  • Not green—most do not biodegrade, are full of chemicals as they are petroleum based
  • Nursery and day-care friendly
  • Poo disasters!…you know what I’m talking about, up the back, into the car seat, out the side of their pants etc. Ick!
  • Common side effects include diaper rash
  • COST–$2500 from newborn to potty-trained, check out this link
That: Cloth
  • Inconvenient? Matter of opinion and lifestyle I think.
  • SO many choices, now just find the right diaper for the right fit on your baby (See the links below).
  • “Green” as they are reusable.
  • Most nursery and day-cares are not-so friendly…but I would love to be proven wrong here.
  • Poo disasters no more! With a good cover (which most are) this is not a problem. They hold the poo in on the back and the legs. BUT what about cleaning the poo off the diapers? — enter modern technology! The toilet spray tool or biodegradable liners that make flushing the icky stuff…very simple.
  • Not near the problem with diaper rash, especially with natural fiber diapers and covers
  • COST WAY LESS! See for yourself.

Why I use Cloth…

Quite frankly, it fits our family’s lifestyle and budget. I wanted to be a mom who could stay home and raise my children, and this budget saving choice helped a lot. I admit, some days it feels like a chore, but most of the time it is no more a chore than having to be “out” of disposables and running to the store at 10 p.m. Interested in looking into cloth a bit more? Here are a few links I have found extremely helpful in my diapering of two babies.

-  Offers excellent tutorials and explanations about most types of cloth diapers AND pictures on babies—very useful
- Popular site for purchasing new pocket diapers. Great customer service and products if this is your type.
- HUGE forum for selling cloth diapers. Can find some good deals if you are willing to search!

Also…never underestimate your local shopkeepers…with the cloth diaper business making a HUGE comeback there are lots of boutique’s that carry some or many lines of cloth diapers. I think it is always better to experience something first hand. Ask around…many mommies may be doing the cloth thing unbeknown to you!

Ultimate decision: lifestyle and personal values…we all have them…just think it through!

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One Response to “This vs. That: Diapers”
  1. 04.06.2011

    Mackenzie, I thought you were out of your mind to do cloth with your first baby, but that was before I knew anything about them. Between you and a few other friends introducing me to the whole “new way” to do cloth, I am now a cloth diapering veteran of 2 years with my 3rd bambino (my first two wore all sposies). I’ve tried most kinds available & use a combo of fitteds, prefolds and all-in-ones. I second your advice for a diaper sprayer and liners…I wouldn’t have gotten this far without those tools! Every time I wash a diaper load I just think about the $10 I didn’t spend for that “pack”. Though it is not for everyone, if you’re considering it you’re half way there so give it a try!

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