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Back in the Saddle Again


I awoke this morning in a bit of a haze. It seems this last week we’ve gone from 0-60 which has felt like going from crazy to insane. It was near 1 am last night when I finished my last email and decided to throw all cares out the window (at least for that moment) to be a little selfish and not worry about the Friday blog post that was yet to be written. I’ve been determined lately to not let “business” and “schedule” dictate our life so in moments like last night…I’m sorry friends but I choose sleep!

But then, this morning left me a little melancholy and I couldn’t get back to sleep. There was this thing in my heart that I needed to share and this blog post kept coming out of me. So, no worries. I didn’t skip out on you guys this time. Here it is…


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Creatives Near You: Samantha Lamb [Farm Lifestyle Photographer]



We first met Sam Lamb as neighboring booths at a local craft fair. Turns out we have a lot in common with Miss. Lamb and we have enjoyed our random run-ins ever since. Not only does she have an eye for truly breathtaking photographs but we we’re amazed to meet another creative who lives on a farm (with cows, horses, and chickens)! She genuinely enjoys the simple things that make life so sweet and has a joyous heart that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. It’s the kind that makes you want to sit back, count the clouds, and sip a glass of sun soaked tea reeeeaaal slow.

Q) How did you get started?

A) I wanted to capture my grandparents farm in the way that I saw it and people, to my surprise, enjoyed my captures. From there, the morning light had my full and lovely attention.

Q) What about your lifestyle inspires your work and makes it better?

A) Ooohhh my goodness gracious….everything my dears. I live on a full fledged farm, so there is no division of my lifestyle and my inspiration. I am happier than a peach!! :)

Q) Why do you choose to live in the country?

A) The Mornings…….I live next to lovely pastures and I have two amazing barns….one in which I keep a milk cow, in which I milk by hand twice a day. I can plant an acre large garden and share that bounty with all of my loved ones. This would not be possible in the city. Plus, the farm is a well-spring of inspiration and I am obedient to my inspiration.

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Garden Finds: Galoshes


1. Endless Flirt Rain Boot 2. SWIMS Ballerina Yellow 3. Tory Burch Rain Boot 4. Tretorn Strala 5. Endless dav Lace Up

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Stress, Family, Baby Showers…


Last weekend I (Meg) took a little girls road trip with my mom, Aunt, and Grandma for a family baby shower in Arkansas. I’ve never seen a couple more excited to bring a little person into this world. It was a truly a wonderful time to get away, spend time laughing at “when I was a kid” stories and celebrating what life is all about…living.

We have been so busy lately with trying to juggle Green Couch Design blog, graphic design services, products and life (oh, yes that thing too!) it seems we’ve forgotten to take time out to remember why we wondered down this crazy path of self-employment.

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Date on a Dime: Fireside Romance


What could be better than sharing a starry night with the one you love? Or cuddling up in front of a cozy fire? Maybe the best is sipping some exotic beverage together? No… even better… Nothing can beat sorting through the mail and destroying the stuff containing personal info in order to keep it from meddling hands who like your identity better than their own. Priceless. Since they’re all good choices, we decided to pool them together to enjoy the night of a lifetime. Worlds collide, magic unfolds.

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Fresh & Local: Birdie

Thumbnail Square Birdie

On a bright little corner in Norman sits a perfect little shop. With fresh cut Oklahoma grown flowers and beautiful potted plants you feel like you’re walking into the secret garden, but Birdie has so much more than just gorgeous flowers. Around every corner and in every nook this beautifully bright and airy shop has everything you could every want to find. One-of-a-kind prints and cards, sustainably minded kitchen accessories like aprons and tea towels, even a beautiful line of men’s and women’s clothing! Welcome to Birdie, our Fresh and Local feature of the month.

Birdie is at it’s most perfect in the spring. Fresh flowers fill the space and Katie, the owner and a fourth generation florist, is always busy creating awe inspiring arrangements and wonderful bouquets for local weddings and other spring events.

“I LOVED growing up in the back of the flower shop. They had a little wedding consultation area at the old shop, where my girlfriends and I would look through all the bridal books and dream up our weddings!  The greenhouses were a pretty magical place too. Looking out on a sea of red poinsettias at Christmas is super pretty.” -Katie

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Everyday Design: Colored Pencil Sculptures


When I was a child my favorite medium was colored pencils. I don’t know why I jumped past crayons at a young age and then went back to markers in college, but from 8-16 years, it was all colored pencils. This months ‘everyday design‘ post is all about color, and colored pencils. One of those wonderful little tools we creatives love to use. But here it is in a completely new form…

Meet Jennifer Maestre a girl with a love of pencils and texture, a national following and an Etsy Shop

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CNY: Christopher and Jess [MIDWESTMEDIA]

CNY CJ-621x332-2

Have you ever met a couple or maybe you know someone that never seems to realize just how talented and creative they are? This is the Hunt household, they are some of those people that seem to live life in a completely awesome way and still give you the “well our life is just nuts” line all the time. Don’t get me wrong they are real, very real, and that’s what makes them so much fun. Meg and I are so proud to introduce to you Christopher; Creative Director at Midwestmedia & Marketing, Jess; Hunt household “CEO”, and their two sons Sullivan, and Sawyer. Get ready for some oohs and ahh’s because these kids are cute!

Q) How do you balance a healthy home and running your own business?

A) When you run your own business you don’t have to be at the office by a certain time. This allows me (Christopher) to help Jess with breakfast and other “dad duties” in the morning. Even if I am busy with work I try to pause in the evening and make time for dinner, baths, bedtime books, etc.

There are times when I get into a real creative zone and I appreciate the fact Jess lets me do my work. It means a lot to me to have that kind of support at home. Self-employment has it’s own set of stresses, but the opportunity to create work that truly represents me is something that I just really believe in.

Q) How are your personalities alike and how are they different?

A) Christopher tends to be focused on the big picture, what is the long term plan while I (Jess) am much more focused on the day to day (due to the kids). I am an extremely independent person and a realist while he tends to be the worrier.

In the end we both like the same types of shows, same music, enjoy the same type of events, etc. We are both fun, carefree, and fairly easy going people.

Q) In what ways does your approach to life and work complement each other?

A) We both have the same values and our big picture is the same. Family comes first. We only work to live. I’m not going to take away from life, to work.

Q) Chris, has becoming a dad changed the way you look at film and your creative process?

A) I have a lot more patience when I am shooting kids than before, obviously that comes from being a dad. Another weird thing is that when I am watching a movie or TV show I find myself relating to parents now, which kinda freaks me out. Now if there is a film or TV show that features violence with kids I can’t get past it and I have to just turn it off. I’m sure one day I’ll be able to watch a movie again.

walkabout – a portrait of my son. from christopher hunt on Vimeo.

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This vs. That: Diapers

TvT Diapers Gray Final 2

Disposable vs. Cloth

This: Disposables
  • Convenient!
  • Easy to fit many babies
  • Not green—most do not biodegrade, are full of chemicals as they are petroleum based
  • Nursery and day-care friendly
  • Poo disasters!…you know what I’m talking about, up the back, into the car seat, out the side of their pants etc. Ick!
  • Common side effects include diaper rash
  • COST–$2500 from newborn to potty-trained, check out this link
That: Cloth
  • Inconvenient? Matter of opinion and lifestyle I think.
  • SO many choices, now just find the right diaper for the right fit on your baby (See the links below).
  • “Green” as they are reusable.
  • Most nursery and day-cares are not-so friendly…but I would love to be proven wrong here.
  • Poo disasters no more! With a good cover (which most are) this is not a problem. They hold the poo in on the back and the legs. BUT what about cleaning the poo off the diapers? — enter modern technology! The toilet spray tool or biodegradable liners that make flushing the icky stuff…very simple.
  • Not near the problem with diaper rash, especially with natural fiber diapers and covers
  • COST WAY LESS! See for yourself.

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GCD: Updated Kitchen Line & Spring SALE!


It’s FINALLY HERE!! We’ve been working like busy little bees updating our kitchen line and providing you with the best handmade quality. Every custom batch we make we learn something new and we dig a little deeper into the world of sewing, printing, packaging, etc. This time we really raised the bar by connecting with a professional local printer to do our screen printing. We also have partnered with The Spero Project to connect with Burmese Refugees. These wonderful families are working to establish themselves in America and we are given the great honor of hiring them in a fair trade contract to make our Mixer Covers! One of our dreams is for Green Couch Design to develop the ability to give back with everything we do. And we just took a giant leap forward with this awesome development.

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