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Meet Mackenzie,
Since we are not parents yet we thought we’d bring in the “expert” mom to teach us a little bit more about raising a healthy family. From cloth diapers to making her own baby food Mackenzie has the 411 when it comes to organic decisions.  A good friend and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet, she’ll be showing up from time to time to help us sort through all this “healthy” mumbo jumbo and get to the facts.

Milk—Who’s Your Source?

Ok, so its seems the question at the store is more “Which brand do I buy?” then “Which version?”  Whole, 2%, 1%, skim? The truth is that all of the above are just different watered down versions of the same stuff, packaged with various labels on it, most of the time. I beg to say that the question should be “Where did this milk come from?” i.e.: source and “What type of milk is this?” yes, there is more than cow’s milk out there!

THIS: For those who want animal milk and do not have allergy issues:

  • Conventional Milk—store purchased
  • Organic Conventional Milk—made from milk that does not have added hormones, cows that are not fed food that has pesticides, and they have “access” to pasture
  • Fresh local-dairy Milk—from a local source but still pasteurized, usually grain fed cattle from a conventional dairy farm. Some stores carry a small selection of products like these…just ask your local grocer.
  • Fresh local dairy Milk; raw—unpasteurized and from a conventional dairy (find a farmer near you) ask around at your local health food stores…they may know some sources for you.
  • Fresh local grass-fed Milk; raw—the “healthiest” milk out there (find a farmer near you and try it!)

* Special Note: You can do all of the above with Goats milk (which happens to be naturally homogenized and the closest resemblance to human breast milk…i.e. easiest for the human body to absorb) again…word of mouth is the best avenue for finding a source to get it raw.

THAT: If you have dairy allergies or just prefer an alternative to animal milk try these:

  • Rice Milk
  • Almond/Nut Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Soy Milk: NOT SO FAST!!… checkout this link before consuming large amounts of this stuff!

** Each of the above can be easily used as substitutes in recipes and can even be made at home! Yep.

As for me (Mackenzie)…the raw milk thing is recently new, but I have tried cow and goat milk in raw forms. My tummy doesn’t handle the cow milk, and goat milk tasted GREAT when it was fresh…but I am just not a big milk drinker. We typically use Rice milk purchased from the store around here—for stuff like cereal, protein drinks etc. I decided to keep with the Rice milk after seeing the additives in the Nut milks and coconut milk as I don’t have the time to keep the milk on hand by making it at home. Hope this helps some of you out there dig a little deeper into the source of your milk…and essentially all your dairy products! (cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, butter, etc…) If any of this peaks your interest find out for your self…Google anything and you will find a wealth of  information out there and each with its own philosophy behind drinking milk.

That’s my four cents!

From the city,


image credits: Wrights Dairy Farm and Organic Passion

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