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Garden Finds: Hand Tools


1. Gardeners Supply 2. RADIUS GRIP 3. Universal Hand Tools 4. Guru Nanak 5. Long Reach Hand Tools 6. Black Hand Tool Set


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This vs. That: Perennials and Annuals


Perennials and Annuals are one of the age old debates between gardeners. Some love annuals and use them almost exclusively in their small beds around their homes and businesses. They are also a favorite of commercial landscapers and lawn specialists because they give a quick and easy burst of color and they fill up a bed very nicely and quickly for an entire growing season. Perennials take a little more patience and commitment to the long term development of a landscape design. Perennials can also be a little less time consuming because once they are in they are in for good, and they tend to be a more hardy when the odd cold snap happens late in the year or early in the fall. When used together perennials and annuals can create a beautiful collage of color and bring a wonderful level of intricacy and texture to your landscaping. So without further ado, I’ll give you the ‘This vs. That: Perennials and Annuals’.

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Date on a Dime: 16 Again


Meet Tim & Anna

Our latest guest blogging couple and dear friends are currently somewhere between Virginia and California (We’re not really sure when they will get to whichever one they are going to). They love to have fun and they love being in love…almost as much as we do. So we thought they would be the perfect pair to head up our ‘Love on a Dime’ series which deals with keeping the romance alive, when you don’t have much more than a couple of quarters and you’re on your last gallon of gas.

So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy them and their antics… Cheers and here’s to love!

What can a man do to woo his woman, and what can a woman spring on her man which says, “I know you’re busy & we’re broke, but I still love you & wanted to do something a little special just to break the routine of you breaking wind on the couch while I talk to my girlfriend on the phone.”

Here’s an option. Why not go back in time, to the awkwardness of teenage years & make yourself feel better that while you now may no longer have the highest source of disposable income as teens are claimed to have, you at least have grown out of your gangly walk, don’t have to laugh at everything the other person says or worry that your pants will become an instant tent if she touches you, and you can both see one another’s complexion without a layer of zits blocking the view.

A teen date not only refreshes the zing in a relationship, but also helps you see how far you’ve developed in the years you’ve been together. :)

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Everyday Design: Wood Grain Design


Everyday Design is all about wood grain this time. If I got really deep inside of myself I think I ultimately want to be a lumber jack. It’s the flannel, and the beards, the boots and let’s face it the smell of a old school wood shop. So I couldn’t help but let a little of that out here with our feature on wood grain and the art it inspires. Hog Eat Hog is a design/build wood shop that builds from local and salvaged materials. Their website and imagery has inspired this post. I found them on a wonderfully manly blog called Grain & Gram, who happened to be featuring Blair Sligar owner of Hog Eat Hog.

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Fresh & Local: COOP


“COOP Ale Works began with a humble home brewer and a simple dream. The idea spread as friends tasted the unique beers, and the popularity of those early batches encouraged a dedicated team of three partners to begin working to make the dream of a local brewery a reality.  Mark Seibold, JD Merryweather and Daniel Mercer spent the next two years traveling throughout the United States, Europe and Central America visiting breweries and sampling local flavors.  The insight gained from entrepreneurs, brewers, biologists, operations personnel and consumers provided an invaluable basis for a serious endeavor into quality commercial brewing.  By integrating this knowledge with the local, regional and national brewing trends, as well as local feedback, the trio planned the birth and growth of the yet unnamed COOP. After nearly 3 years of research, comprising thousands of man hours and dozens of test batches, COOP fashioned its identity as a steadfast professional team that holds closely a passion for bringing quality, local beer to taps and homes in Oklahoma City and beyond.”

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A Blast from the Past


This past weekend we packed our bags and headed north on I-35 to a little college town called Stillwater. Since graduating from Oklahoma State I’ve visited often to see friends and to enjoy catching up but I’ve never made time to tour the newest jewel on campus: the Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture.

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This Vs. That: Milk


Meet Mackenzie,
Since we are not parents yet we thought we’d bring in the “expert” mom to teach us a little bit more about raising a healthy family. From cloth diapers to making her own baby food Mackenzie has the 411 when it comes to organic decisions.  A good friend and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet, she’ll be showing up from time to time to help us sort through all this “healthy” mumbo jumbo and get to the facts.

Milk—Who’s Your Source?

Ok, so its seems the question at the store is more “Which brand do I buy?” then “Which version?”  Whole, 2%, 1%, skim? The truth is that all of the above are just different watered down versions of the same stuff, packaged with various labels on it, most of the time. I beg to say that the question should be “Where did this milk come from?” i.e.: source and “What type of milk is this?” yes, there is more than cow’s milk out there!

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Garden Finds: Watering Cans

Watering Cans Final

1)  watering bottle 2)  Pipe Dreams 3)  Greens by Blomus 4)  Burgon & Ball 5)  Song Bird Garden 6)  A+R

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Everyday Design: Book Page Sculptures


This is our inaugural post for the Everyday Design series. We’ve loved living in our little farm house and connecting with our local community just because we get to help expose ourselves and those around us to art and design in the most unlikely places. Thus was born the Everyday Design Series, a series of posts that look at the everyday events and products of our lives and then connecting those items and events with art and design inspired by them. This month it’s books; I love to read and to travel to random far off and even fictional areas to have wonderful adventures without ever leaving my chair. I also love the power books and print have had on the development of civilization and our continued growth due to our ability and freedom to research, learn, and develop ourselves through the printed word. So here’s to books and their continued influence and power in our lives!

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