Dear Garden Journal,

Hello February. It’s been a little crazy since I last made an entry in my journal. We’ve had snow and ice, and temperatures down in the single digits. How, you might ask, is this any good for gardening?

Snow, just like rain, is still precipitation. So when we get a late winter/early spring snow storm I’m all excited. This is the time of year when Oklahoma is typically dry, so a little moisture even in the form of snow is needed. The added water allows my fall plants of bulbs and perennials to jump-start their root systems, giving them a strong start for the new year.

Now it’s almost time to start turning over the soil and adding in your compost (mentioned last week), but first the tiller will need some maintenance. How about a good old oil change, cleaning and possibly a sharpen or two for those tines?

Since my design for my veggie garden is pretty set I spent a few “snow days” huddled up to the wood stove, sketching out my wildest dreams for summer landscaping projects. I’m thinking 4 new beds that I’m sure somehow we can fill with plants (plant shopping spree, yeah!). I want to create a slightly grand entry point to the yard from the drive. With the help of our land topography my yard falls 2 feet from our back door to the driveway. A perfect location for natural steps (stone if I have my way) and grading the area around to create a natural drop off point on axis with the door.

Finally, get ready to watch the first little sprouts of your daffodils and tulips, even iris will start poking their heads above ground soon. It’s always been my favorite moment in gardening when I wander out to check on the plot and see the first young green shoots breaking ground!

To Do: February/March

  • Check/complete rototiller maintenance. If you don’t have one start saving up with friends. We share ours with at least 4 other families.
  • Turn the soil and begin adding compost. Start to break down the ground after its thawed a little.
  • Layout and mark your planting areas and rows. Make sure you watch for sun and shade patterns and be aware of mature plant heights. You don’t want them to shade out the row next to it.
  • Begin starter pots to build stronger plants for an early summer harvest (not required).
  • Any landscaping you are planning can be laid out and budgeted. Think now so you can save later.
  • Finally, pull your mulch back and replace with a lighter weight straw as sprouts for your cooler weather bulbs and plants start to show. This will give your plants a stronger head start for spring. Remove straw completely when temperatures remain above freezing.

As you may be able to tell I’m all excited about my new developments and would love to hear about your garden plans. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.

And…if you are just itching for some “early” garden fun here are some really cool indoor starter kits.

From the Farm   

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