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Creatives Near You: Justin & Audrey [Shop Good]

CNY JA-621x332

On a little side street in down town Oklahoma City is a wonderful little community of restaurants and one SHOP GOOD, no really that’s it’s name SHOP GOOD. You may have never heard of the 9th Street District in OKC, or the little shop called SHOP GOOD, but it’s home for these two justice minded shop owners with a passion for good quality products with good quality values.

Meet Justin & Audrey,  a husband and wife team and co-creators of SHOP GOOD. With a heart to provide their city with an accessible, eclectic and fun outlet for thoughtful shopping there store is a place where every purchase benefits a deserving community development project. From screen printing their own T’s to fun accessories SHOP GOOD is the place where every purchase truly counts.

We are so pleased to introduce our good friends and FIRST Creatives Near You couple!


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GCD: Early Bird Tea Towel Sale

You know what they say; “The early bird gets the worm” and in this case…it’s our Egg Tea Towels!

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Garden Finds: Compost


It’s time to start feeding that soil in earnest again. Pouring the organic matter and compost into those new garden plots and beds turning it in and letting it work. So here are a few of my favorite little composting finds, whether big or small these finds set you up for composting fun!

Spring Lineup 2011

I’m not sure if it’s all the snow or the fact that spring is on it’s way (the ground hog did NOT see it’s shadow) but we’ve been hit with the spring cleaning bug and it’s time to revamp some things around here.

We’ve spent the last few weeks confirming our focus and running through the same brand strategies we suggest to our clients.

After 1 full year of consistent blogging, here’s what we’ve come to realize:

Secretly, down deep, there was always this part in us that wanted to be that designer with the “trendy” design blog. But the truth is there are others out there that do a much better job covering those topics than us (like jeremyandkatheleen or Design Crush) and THAT is OK! We are designers but more importantly we are everyday individuals that are looking to celebrate how creativity is apart of our simple farm life.

So with that said it’s time we get back to the basics, back to our roots and what we are truly all about.

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Happy Heart Day

I think it’s safe to say that Cale and I are pretty much hopeless romantics. We love, love. True love. The kind that is not easy, the kind you wait for, and fight for. The kind that proves fairy tales can come true.

It was Valentines Day, 2006.

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Dear Garden Journal,

Get ready to watch the first little sprouts of your daffodils, tulips, and even iris will start poking their heads above ground soon. Spring is just around the corner and it may not feel like it, but it’s here. It’s always been my favorite moment in gardening, when I wander out to check on the plot and see the first young green shoots breaking ground!

Welcome Home

GCD 940x360_thumbnail_3

Kids art is the best. They are not afraid to draw (or speak) exactly what they think. They put their innocence right out there on the table for all the world to see and in moments like these…it’s the most precious, most perfect piece of art we’ve ever seen.

High class design in overalls. It's the simple life of a farm through the eyes of a couple of crazy designers. We call ourselves Green Couch Design and we are Bringing Design Home.

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