2011 Resolutions

Welcome back! We’ve had quite a holiday season…Since Christmas new ideas, fresh thoughts, and more crazy than you can shake a stick at…So here is a look at what you missed and a few thoughts on New Years…I’ve called this post resolutions, but it may be more of a bucket list for 2011!

First things first, we love family! We were so blessed this year to receive a hand made quilt from Meg’s Grandma Bonnie, now we have a hand made quilt from every grandma on both sides of the family! It’s been one of those crazy holidays that runs you ragged but leaves you smiling, with my father being admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with colon cancer. We started that fight right after Thanksgiving, and it’s been a hard one but as always we have bright spots in the darkness. One of those is the moment my dad is sitting in the hospital and we got him a new Ipod for Christmas and after the tears and the ‘how in the hell do you work this?’ I look over and he’s listening to one of his favorite songs, fist in the air, eyes closed mouthing the words. I loved it!

Resolution: Family First

You’re not a good husband on Christmas unless you one-up yourself each year…so this year I went a little overboard. I decided I was going to find random items that spoke of the different aspects of who Meg is to me, the woman, the lover, the helper, the business partner, all the wonderful things she does that make our marriage and our life work. So as you can see from the image above she got a wonderful set of Aquamarine solitaires (by DesignedByYou on Etsy). But the best gift, or should I say the most talked about gift was the the set of Owl PJ’s I got her. To paint the picture, they are a set of old school button up the front PJ’s you know the type. Pants and a long sleeve top…like what pa is always wearing in the old westerns. They are a nice deep purple with bright multicolored owls perching on little limbs all over them. They were meant to represent her whimsy and joy. If you’ve ever hung out with Meg for very long she tends to burst into song and random dances. Well this wonderful gift culminated in a session of who, who, who’s from Meg with her perching on the edge of a chair while playing cards with her family!

Resolution: Laugh More

A man always needs more tools, no ladies he cannot have to many. So I was given this wonderful set of wrenches and to be honest I really needed them! This holiday season one of my greatest moments was trying to hang our 14′ canoe in the garage/barn. I get all the ropes and pulleys set up then it’s suddenly becomes a horribly crazy moment from a truly twisted trapeze act. I’m hanging from the end of a rope as the 200lb canoe with all the camping and fishing equipment packed inside dangles a on the other…of course the canoe begins to spin as I try to maneuver myself into a more strategic position the whole time I’m painting the air blue with words I’ll have to repent of later. It was one of those “I’ve got it! I’ve got it…Oh…Shit! Shit! SHIT!!!” moments. What can I say?!

Resolution: Ask for Help

Who doesn’t have a resolution ‘get more organized’ it’s kind of like the ‘lose weight’ or ‘exercise more’ resolutions, we all have them. But this year my sis blew me away with a great idea…this little garden journal helps me keep track of all the ideas I have through the colder months and the out of season thoughts in July about planting a tree. It’s been a point of excitement, now I just have to find a way to make it cool when I’m telling my friends…’Yeah so this year I got some cool wrenches and then I got this kick ass garden journal!’ I can just see the beers being slowly lowered and then the terms like sissy, and whipped coming out. So I think it’s going to be more like this, ‘Hey guys I’m really busy right now working on new landscape design ideas. I’m recording them in my ‘portfolio’ for this spring…’ Yep that should do it.  ;)

Resolution: Play Outside More

Meg received this wonderful little recipe box (by 1canoe2 on Etsy) from her mom, such a beautiful piece to add to her collection of crazy awesome kitchen things. We’ve been working on new recipes and trying to be more organic in our eating habits. This little box is sure to help us stay a little more on top of things. Lately it’s been more of a three ring circus for recipes. I remember Meg when unable to find a certain recipe for bread she began to just try to bake it from memory…A teaspoon of baking soda, and a 1/4 cup of salt later…we had the most amazing organic salt lick you’ve ever seen!

Resolution: Eating Better, Organic is Awesome!

So here we are 2011 and loving it! We have so many wonderful things planned, wonderful dreams dreamed, and we can’t wait to see them come to life. We want to see our products in new shops, we want to see new products developed and finally ready to reveal. We want to grow the graphic design side of our life, with new clients and new businesses! It’s all there and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Resolution: Dream BIGGER

From the Farm

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