DIY: Recycled Coffee Bag Christmas Stars

This year I was determined more than ever to step up my wifely duty of over the top, whimsical, Christmas decor. :) Christmas always comes and goes so quickly so I had to really make time this year to get down and crafty! After all if my sister-in-law who is a new mom and works practically a full-time job can find time to make her own gift tags, stockings, and create homemade popcorn like the kind you get in those holiday tins…surly I can find 30 minutes in my young married life!

With the purchase of our recent bean grinder I’ve been saving up my ever growing stack of coffee bags for just the right idea…

(Scroll to the bottom to see finished product photos!)

- Scissors
- Coffee Bags (1 large + 1 small = 1 bag)
Look for coffee bags in fun colors or flip them over to expose the metallic silver…oh the options!

- Double Sided Tape (a designers best friend!)
- Wire
- Wire Cutters/Pliers
- Stapler

Wash Insides out and dry completely. Tear off any excess packaging pieces like the sealing strip that runs across the top of the bag. When finished turn the bag on it’s backside and pull apart the vertical seam that holds the bag together (creating 1 flat piece of paper, similar to breaking down a cardboard box).

Cut 2 squares out of the bag that are exactly the same size. You should be able to get 2 sets (4 total squares) out of each bag or you can go even smaller to get more stars out of each bag.

*Each square set may vary depending on your bag size.

Fold each square into 6 long panels creating an accordion fold that fans in and out with each panel. Make sure you pinch the creases tightly so that they make/create a line in the bag.

With your bag in it’s folded flat state, fold it in half from top to bottom. Staple the crease to hold the accordion fold in it’s shape.

Gather two opposite ends of the accordion fold, place double-sided tape on both outside facing panels, and pinch together. The bag should fan out when completed and be flat on the opposite side.

Repeat steps 1-4 with the other square that is the same size piece you completed in step 5.

Choose one of the completed fans from step 5 and look for a slight hole near the center where the fan panels come together (should be near the bottom). Run the wire through the hole. Take the remaining two opposite ends and double-side tape them to the opposite/flat panels of the other fan you created in step 6. Your fan should form a complete circle except for 2 remaining panels. The wire that you ran through the center of the first fan hole needs to run through the now attached fan hole and up the space created by the last two exposed panels.

Place double-sided tape on the last two panels. With the wire running along both sides. Sandwich the wire between the exposed panels and pinch together. This should complete your star garland shape. Using your pliers round the end of the wire to form a hook for hanging.

Hang on the Christmas Tree, gift bows, stair rails, wear as a holiday accessory, make a wreath…the skies the limit! You can always cut them to look more like snow flakes or keep them simple and display all year long. We’d love to see how your designs turn out so make sure you send us a photo!

Just a little something to keep those crafty juices flowing on those long (for some and short for others) winter days! Now go fix yourself some hot cocoa!

From the Farm

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  1. 12.18.2010

    It really is a great idea.I will have a trial of this idea as soon as I got the pattern.Thank you for constantly posting of so many useful tips.They are such a great help to me.Thank you very much!

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