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GCD: 1 Year Anniversary Christmas [Card]


It’s hard to believe this December was the official 1 year launch of our little business. Who knew that last October, when Cale was laid off that, that would be the thing God would use to catapult us into this great adventure.

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we wanted to do something a little special for our dear friends and family. So without further ado, this goes out to…

The family who supported us with gas money to Kansas and back…

The shop owners, and now friends, that saw something in our products and helped us work through our packaging, materials, and everything else in between…

The neighboring craft booths that heard our Tufa Pot schpeel OVER and OVER AGAIN…

The husband (Cale) that always pushed our products and process to the next level (at the expense of some over the top, maybe a little dramatic, wifely meltdowns)…

The friends and family who rushed to our aide the night before our first two craft shows (what we’re we thinking?)…

The blogger who left that 1 comment that made us think…”Ok, people really do like this stuff”.

It’s to YOU…we say from the very bottom of our hearts, Merry Christmas.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us and for allowing our products to be a part of your home, our design to be a part of your business, and our blog to be a part of your life.

Here’s to an even better 2011!

From the Farm

We’ll be taking a blogging/twitter/fb “vacation” Friday, December 24th- Wednesday, January 5th. We’ll be back Thursday, January 6th with our 1st post of 2011! See you then.

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GCD: Bring It Home [Brochure]


Another page is turned in the “Bring It Home” Campaign as we launch the new brochure design!

“This project is the first and only coordinated effort in Oklahoma created to reduce energy consumption and assist our Oklahoma workforce to compete in an energy smart construction economy.” – OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).

GCD: Concrete Christmas [Ornaments]

GCD 780x432_thumbnail22

Midwest Media and Marketing was looking for something heartfelt and real, something…local, to give this holiday season. Sure enough, that started our wheels spinning and wouldn’t ya know it, we landed right in the middle of our favorite material…concrete!

GCD: Craft Show 101

GCD 940x360_thumbnail_2

They say the third time is a charm and in this case…they we’re right!

This past Saturday we joined other local vendors in the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar. Of course if you know us you know we can’t do anything halfway so in the typical Green Couch Design style it was go big or go home.

GCD: Deluxe 2010 Craft Show Sales


We wanted to take a second and let everyone know of all the great Christmas deals we will have going on at Deluxe and at our Etsy shop this Saturday. So get your Christmas lists out and get ready to take notes…

GCD: Tiny Tufa


Another exciting development for us are these recently redesigned tufa pots. We still make the large decor bowls we’ve always had but through conversations and feed back on Etsy we felt that many of our wonderful customers wanted something a little smaller, more quaint, and cute. So without further ado I would like to unveil the new and improved ‘Tiny Tufa’!

DIY: Recycled Coffee Bag Christmas Stars


This year I was determined more than ever to step up my wifely duty of over the top, whimsical, Christmas decor. :) Christmas always comes and goes so quickly so I had to really make time this year to get down and crafty!

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