Hawaiian Farm Girl: Final Farewell

It’s hard to believe that what seemed like a lifetime in reality equaled a mere 58 days. A lot can happen in 58 days- especially in Hawaii. How much, exactly? Let the countdown begin! In 58 days I learned…
- About a billion new things about organic farming
- 30 Swedish words
- 24 new fruits and veggies
- 15 new places on the island outside of the farm
- 14 new organic meals
- How to use about 10 new garden tools (yes, the machete)
- 7 organic desserts
- 5 insights on how to efficiently “road trip” on an extremely low budget
- How to properly cut down trees
- Make house repairs, barter
- Hike threw lava fields
- Jump off of waterfalls
But what do I think about the most since I’ve been gone? My 24 new friends :)
It was a strange feeling flying to a foreign land 2 months ago, knowing the only person I knew at the place was the owner of the farm I was going to – “knew” meaning exchanged a couple of emails and spoke on the phone once. Little did I know just how many people I would meet and
just how much those people’s lives would touch mine.
Practically every encounter I made with others was significant because of their stories. I thought it would just be the native Hawaiians who would capture my interest level the most when in reality, most of the people I met weren’t natives and hadn’t lived on the island their whole lives. Most were either traveling through or moved there in their later years on their own account. Everyone seemed to be so happy and inspired by life. Maybe it’s the weather on the island that does it to people? Maybe it’s the clean air? The wonderful nature and foods? Or maybe it’s become a place for many to rest, recover, be free and pursue their dreams? None of these people were rich in their wallets, but they were full in their hearts. They taught me that the best things in life are the natural things; friends, family, trees, flowers, fruits, and pursuing the gifts that we all have been given.
I was lucky enough to have my mom join me the last week I spent in Hawaii. Of all the adventures we shared together, one of our favorites was spending the last days with our new friends, hiking to the lava fields, snorkeling with sea turtles, and eating a local famous “Green Papaya Thai Salad” at the Hilo Market.
Things haven’t been too shabby since I’ve been back either. For one, my long awaited reuniting with my boyfriend turned into a surprised proposal (on my end, naturally) on White Rock Mountain in the Ozarks!! Next to my wedding notes are sketches of a future backyard garden, of course:) We are planning on backpacking in Europe for our honeymoon and hope to visit my new Swedish friends while we’re there. And, who knows.. maybe future blogging titled “European Backpacker Girl (and guy)”? Ha.
Thanks for listening in on my stories. I hope they’ve inspired you as much as they have me!
Chelsea: a.k.a. Hawaiian Farm Girl
* Visit WWoofing to find out how you can volunteer at organic farms all around the world!

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