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For those of you new to this blog every now and then we take a step back and just evaluate where we’ve been. Look at things from a different perspective and review who we want to be. It’s been almost a year since Meg and I started this adventure called Green Couch Design, and two since we dreamed up our world domination plans. ;) So as we take steps toward our goal developing a fully functioning design firm and family I wanted to take a second and reacquaint you with one of the lesser known visions of Green Couch Design and our heart for a ‘green’ life.

Landscapes and gardening have been in my family for years. We’ve always been shade tree horticulturalists, and big believers in working with what you’ve got. So landscapes and design have been a hobby, and a passion of mine since I was able to carry a hoe alongside my father or grandfather. The idea has always been a functional and aesthetic garden with simple maintenance and loads of produce. Now your saying ‘yeah right, I’m three floors up in a downtown apartment.’ True this doesn’t lend itself to a 10′ x 10′ garden plot, but it does lend itself to some creative potting, or a community effort in gardening near your building. That’s where Green Couch has something to say. We aren’t a landscape design firm with an idea to throw a few annuals into the ground alongside your tomato’s and walk away. We are looking to transform the ideas of gardening, and design. We aren’t the first and I’m sure we won’t be the last with these ideas but we will definitely give it our best shot while we’re here.

We want to see our world transformed into a greener place, and one of the ways to do that is challenge people to relearn the art of gardening. We have a passion for mixed use gardens that are producing functional and healthy foods for our families, while looking good enough to make the neighbors jealous. This can’t happen overnight and a veggie garden takes about twice or three times the amount of time to maintain than a flower bed does, but we hope to begin convincing those around us that it’s worth it.

Developing a functional mixed use garden takes time. First there’s research, what plants when, where and how to arrange. Then there is the plan, with my background in architectural design I have to admit I love plans. We locate and define each element of the garden from plant pairings, to color pallet, down to the details of sun and shade, patterns and views. And the fun starts, at least for me, when we get to get our hands dirty preparing the plot, raised beds, or planters. Soil preparation is the fundamental key to an easy and fun garden. It defines the amount of weeding you’ll do this summer and how well your plants will produce, and how long. So this one is a biggy and may take some time. Then it’s setting in the plants, or seeding, and after that a good watering schedule and a watchful eye for pests or disease and you’re on your way to a beautiful mixed use garden.

Here at Green Couch Design we don’t have a stack of references for ‘landscapes’ we have a history of the green thumb lifestyle. We have a heart to give people the freedom to grow their own food and find their own gardener inside. We see our generation losing the art of gardening and we don’t want to see that happen. We hope to empower individuals to make a difference in their world through simple sustainable lifestyle choices. It’s easy to talk ‘green’ when it’s choosing paper over plastic, and those choices are important too, but there is more to choosing green than paper over plastic. Just like there is more to a garden than squash and tomato’s. If you have any more questions or suggestions jump over to our site and check out our vision for gardens, it’s not fully grown yet but soon we hope to see some fruit.

Here are some resources that I’ve found helpful and interesting…a little food for thought in the gardening community.

American Community Garden Association This is a great resource for you urban dwellers that have a little green thumb.

Kid’s Gardening Organization Calling all families; this is a wonderful teaching tool for all those ‘teaching moments’ in the garden. Whether a stay at home mom, or a working parent you can still use this site to give you great weekend opportunities with your kids. Homeschool mom’s this is a must.

WWOOFing; if you haven’t jump over and read our Hawaiian Farm Girl posts and you’ll see what a blast this can be. A little more hands on than the last two links but definitely an awesome opportunity for those with a heart to travel and a desire for organic living.

From the Farm

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