Hawaiian Farm Girl: Week 7

I live to discover. My curious spirit is often compared to a child, as I’m always looking out for things I may have never seen or noticed before. Noticing these things in nature is easy here; Hawaii is a place just waiting to unveil new discoveries to those whose eyes are open to its natural beauty. Discovering new things outside of nature is also easy here; every day tends to be an adventure of some sort.

For one, I’m picking up of some Swedish! Every morning I wake up with an even more enthusiastic spirit than usual because the girls from Sweden and I eat breakfast and drink tea together while spending some time learning some Svenska. My pronunciations make us all laugh a lot; it’s harder than it looks. ;)

I’m also discovering the ways of a true camper/backpacker, and this can basically be summed up into one purchase- a portable stove named the “Jet Boil”. No longer will I have to live on smashed up PB&J’s when I camp. This inexpensive isobutane/propane stove is extremely lightweight and compact and can fit a single pot, pan, or teakettle at a time to cook a number of things. With this along, you can cook even at places where fires aren’t allowed. It depends on what you are willing to carry but we usually bring along oatmeal and soup packages as well as other canned foods. I’ve seen it online as cheap as thirty dollars; definitely a worthy purchase!

Another discovery I’ve made is a very inexpensive and fun way to stretch and work out my body; I would like to introduce the om gym, a.k.a yoga swing. With this handy swing all you really need is something to hang it from, whether it be a tree, doorway, ceiling; you name it. One of my favorite parts about it is being outside when I do my workout, since we’ve hung it from a giant eucalyptus tree here on the farm. If you aren’t a fan of going to the gym, you should consider trying this. Listening to the birds and trees talk, soaking up the sunshine, being caressed by the breeze while hanging in the air and exercising the body makes for an extremely enjoyable and therapeutic work out. I recommend doing it in the morning.

I’ve also discovered that there just may be as many WWOOFers here as Hawaiian citizens. (Maybe not, but they’re everywhere!) It’s been lovely meeting people around the island who also work on organic farms, we enjoy sharing and comparing our new gained WWOOFer knowledge and experiences. Last weekend we stayed at a farm near Waa Waa that had a tower that reached up forty feet high. It was built to accomplish the task of obtaining rain water, which is used as the main water supply, but also serves the purpose of providing a breath taking view of the stars and the sunrise from it’s roof. Although I missed not being home for the usual Halloween festivities, spending the night telling ghost stories forty feet closer to a clear sheet of bedazzling stars gives me little reason for complaint.

So with only a few weeks left, and so much to learn, until next time…

Chelsea: a.k.a. Hawaiian Farm Girl

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2 Responses to “Hawaiian Farm Girl: Week 7”
  1. Paula Ewertz

    Finally had the time to get caught up on your blogs……what a wonderful adventure…..the pictures are breathtaking and you are right it does look like something out of Lord of the Rings. Thanks for sharing your journey, learned knowledge, insight, and thoughts. We miss seeing you on Friday nights and missed you at the annual pumpking carving, but we LOVED your “pine-o-latern”. Truly only a Chelsea creation. I heard your mother was arrving and that makes me so happy for both of you….what memories the two of you will make. I am so glad she is able to share part of this with you and it will help elieve some of the home-sickness. We love you…and can’t wait to see you……take care….enjoy you last two weeks!
    Love Paula

  2. Kenneth of Kansas

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Hawaii. It would be awesome to be able to make wine from some of the wonderful fruit there. Swimming with the Hawaiian wild life what an experience. I didn’t know if they sent you the pictures of our Halloween carvings but we all had fun and was thinking of you much. I carved a very simple “One Eyed Jack” RRRR. That’s my pirate imatation. Hope things are still good for you. Maybe we will snaype you this next Friday. Love the dessert recipes. Wish we could grow some of those neat fruits here in Kansas. Take care!!!!!!!

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