Hawaiian Farm Girl: Week 5

I’ve come to the conclusion that if there would be a place I could compare the Big Island of Hawaii to, it would be the garden of Eden-except thankfully, Hawaii doesn’t have snakes!

At home (in Kansas), I consider buying things like avocados and mangos as “treating myself” because of their high price. In Hawaiia these fruits come free-for those who look that is. Next to exploring the beautiful sights around the island, my fellow WWOOFERS and I spend the rest of our free time scoping out food in the wild. So far we’ve found bananas, jackfruit, passion fruit (natives here call this Liliko’i), aloe vera, noni, guava, coconuts, mango, papaya, starfruit, breadfruit, and avocados. (Bought your ticket to Hawaii yet?).

Sometimes we even venture out after the dark looking for fruit. Day or night, we’re always successful. Cutting down my first banana tree and chopping open a coconut with a machete for the first time made me feel as though I had just graduated from “Hawaiian Farm Girl” to “Hawaiian Wild Woman”. Needless to say, getting our hands on these things have been rewarding on many levels from good health to ego-building.

We can even find our own shampoo in the wild when we spot wild pine cone ginger. A simple squeeze out of this flower gives you a soapy liquid that moisturizes the hair as well as giving it a yummy scent. You can find this ingredient in Paul Mitchell’s shampoo; who is accredited as being one of the firsts to discover it’s therapeutic hair-power.

In addition to learning about growing food and acquiring it, I learn more and more every day about great ways to eat it :) . Since we have so much food on our hands most of the time (it’s terrible.. I know) we try our best to use all of it by mixing things together. We often start by sauteing our veggies in olive or coconut oil with garlic and sea salt and will either put it on pasta, rice, keen wa, tofu, palenta, or bread. We also mix our fruits together. My favorite combo is simply scooping out the seeds of a papaya and spooning in passion fruit and banana slices with a squeeze of fresh lime as a finishing touch. We also make juice out of noni (top right) and pineapple and milk out of coconut and almonds.

One of my favorite parts, however, are the deserts. You can have your cake and eat it two-servings that is, because it’s actually good for you!

Here is a recipe for Evan’s Famous Cacao Cake:

Ingredients- pecans, walnuts, 12 figs, cinnamon, salt, water, 1/2 coconut meat soaked, 2 bananas, peanut butter (optional), honey, vanilla extract, 1/3 cup cacao raw chocolate powder (love it!)

1) Blend nuts with salt in a food processor and set aside.
2) Blend figs with coconut meat, 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil, 2 spoonfuls of honey, a pinch of cinnamon, spoonful of  vanilla extract, and cacao powder (add water as necessary for moisture).
3) Fold in a portion of nuts to #2′s mix.
4) Flatten mixture on plate.
5) Mix nuts and a spoon full of coconut oil and spread on cacao flattened mix for crust.
6) Top with bananas and peanut butter (optional).
7) Add any remaining nuts on the top layer.
8) Place in freezer until semi-frozen and enjoy!

In the spirit of Halloween and Hawaii, I decided to put a twist to the ol’ jack-o-lanterns. For those of you who are tired of carving pumpkins, try switching to pineapples! Although you may not be able to get as detailed artistically, you can eat the innards as you go and say goodbye to the weird smells. Although I miss the fall colors and weather back in Kansas, it’s safe to say I’m making due here. Until next time, much love, thanks, and aloha!

Chelsea: aka Hawaiian Farm Girl

* Find out more about WWOOFing and how you can volunteer your time at organic farms all around the world.

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