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Since the Dust Bowl Arts Market Meg and I have been talking about chickens. We just happened to get a booth beside our wonderful friend Samantha Lamb and found it was so much fun to hear her stories of all the adventures her chickens have, and she with them. So when our friends the Glover’s began construction on what we have christened as the ‘Chicken Taj Mahal’ we were more than excited, we couldn’t wait to see what they came up with and to learn from them as we begin contemplating getting chickens of our own. So with out further ado, and no fan fare at all I give you Chicken Taj Mahal…

This wonderfully functional design works great to give the chickens a ‘free range’ experience without exposing them to the dangers of all the stray dogs that seem to roam the area. With no bottom it allows the chickens to scratch naturally for worms and such to supplement their diet of chicken food and table scraps. The ability of the coop to be moved every week to a new location allows for the fertilization of the soil without ruining the grass, and it gives the chickens a new area to explore.

This is a look into the coop itself the two white cylinders are nest boxes made from old 5 gallon buckets. The back of the coop is easily removed by rotating the toggles at the bottom and simply pulls out. With easy access to the eggs it’s a breeze collecting them.

These two hens were trying to grab the lime light. They wouldn’t stop coming up into the coop to peck around and give me an eye and a wink every now and then.

Another wonderful aspect of this coop is the retractable access ladder. If you train your hens to come into the coop at night you can retract the ladder by simply pulling the cable, which locks your hens up for the night keeping them safely out of reach of any unwanted predators.

The handles remind me of the litters you see in old movies, the king or queen is always being carried around in them by massive slaves. Well the Glover’s chickens deserve no less, with these nice little handles it makes the job of moving the coop easy for two people. Originally they thought of adding wheels but the difficulty of leveling the coop was a problem so carrying it became the simple solution. Gotta love function.

The final touch is a nice little access door on the front of the coop. This allows you to get at the food and water without having to lift the entire coop on it’s end. It also gives you the option of letting the chickens out for a little adventure hunting now and again. Which is good for them and keeps them happily scratching away the time.

This coop was designed and built by Doug Glover but you can find many pre-made designs for purchase online as well as ideas and examples. A great resource is with wonderful galleries of coop designs and great info on feeding and care. We hope you enjoyed the little Farm Design spotlight today here are some links to other amazing chicken coops I’ve found…

Cluckingham Palace

New Henstein Castle

1970′s Coop

La Grange



From the Farm

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