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For those of you who don’t know we’ve been partnering with the wonderful people over at midwestmedia & marketing and it’s just turned out to be a fantastic relationship! Not only do we love working with them but we also get to jump on board cool projects like this one…

The Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN) Bring It Home project endeavors to work with communities throughout the state of Oklahoma to update their current building codes. The purpose of the project is to identify communities in Oklahoma and review their current building energy codes and potential for upgrade.

This project has been such an amazing opportunity as we have fully utilized Cale’s architectural degree to weigh and measure the true affects of this endeavor alongside our genuine desire to live a simpler, more efficient lifestyle. Since day one we’ve been running full speed ahead. Not only were we tasked with the overall brand design but we had to come up with a name that would sum up the campaign goals and objectives.

Instead of the typical icons associated with the sustainable movement we designed a mark that is much more subtle in it’s approach. Not only does it expand outward but from top to bottom as it signifies layers of hard work and determination. Oklahoma was founded on an understanding and preservation of the land and it’s natural resources. It’s time we come full circle and continue the legacy handed down through our heritage. It’s time we Bring It Home and we truly supply Oklahoma with the resources and the means to build a sustainable Oklahoma. In the end, the campaign brand is simply about doing the right thing and knowing that what is best for our individual families is ultimately best for the state of Oklahoma. The logo speaks directly to the campaign goals by displaying the end result; a brighter future for Oklahoma.

This project continues to move forward as we plan to go live with a new website by the first of the year while simultaneously expanding the campaigns promotional materials. We look forward to sharing our design journey with you as we collaborate with midwestmedia & marketing and OSN to Bring It Home.

From the Farm

OSN Energy Codes Project: Bring it Home
C/O Phillips Murrah Law Firm
101 N. Robinson Ave, 13th Floor
OKC, OK. 73102

(405) 552-2417

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  1. 12.20.2010

    the brochure design is great! i am a designer by day and crafter by night as well! good luck in 2011!

  1. [...] we collaborated with midwestmedia & marketing to create the Bring It Home Campaign for OSN (The Okla... bringingdesignhome.com/2010/10/25/capital-green-logo

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