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GCD: Hope for Kenya Concrete Angels


Concrete is quickly becoming our material of choice, especially when it’s used for something not common to concrete. So when we were asked to do 100 Christmas tree ornaments for the Hope for Kenya event, you guessed it, we went straight to concrete.

Hope for Kenya is an event put on by Brie Wallace and Ashley Moore in support of the Challenge Farm located in Kitale, Kenya. The Challenge Farm is an orphanage with a bigger vision than simply feeding and caring for children. The stated mission is clear…”Heal the wounded spirit, soul and body so that our children return to society, as happy productive citizens with a great sense of worth and dignity”.

Our concrete angels were designed to represent the rugged strength at the core of these children and to remind us that nothing can break our hope. It’s that small piece of concrete in the center of who we are, the foundation of our soul, that compels us forward. Each angel represents the supernatural; the caring, loving embrace, the knowledge that there is always someone watching over us. It asks us to see the innocence and beauty of these children coming from a broken land and to challenge us to care.

The Challenge Ministry began in 1992, as an outreach to ten boys who were being regularly beaten by police because they were begging for food – one of the boys was only three.  After witnessing the beating, Cheri and several friends began a feeding program. Quickly realizing this was a temporary solution, the Challenge Ministry expanded to provide education and counseling.  Located in Kawangware – one of the worst slums in Nairobi – the center offered an alternative to street life.  The center provided food, literacy training, basic work skills and ethics.

The event Hope for Kenya, was intended to raise awareness of the great work that the Challenge Farm is doing and to offer an opportunity for support.

With swag bags containing our Concrete Angels and displays of our Concrete Tufa Bowls and Candle Holders all sales during the event went to support the Challenge Farm.

We are continuing our support by selling our concrete angel ornaments in our Etsy shop throughout the holiday season. If you would like the opportunity to give, jump on over to our store and pick up a concrete angel for yourself, friend or family member.

Thank you for helping us support the Challenge Farm and the future of Kenya.

From the Farm

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Christmas in July


This last weekend in July we met our Texas kin folks and headed to the Illinois River to spend some quality time together burning our legs to lobster red, singing Christmas carols to the neighbors and of course the usual banter that always finds it’s way into these types of family reunions.

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