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STUFF: Hidden Treasures: Railroad Date Nails


Look what a wonderful little treasure was hiding in a friends attic, just waiting to be found by us! One of Meg’s old co-workers happened to mention that she had all of these wonderful old railroad nails laying around in her attic. She wondered if we would like them; our answer…Heck YES!

Along with tons of documentation about, who, what, when and where these things were used, from what we understand, we’ve got pieces as old as the early 1900′s! Apparently collecting date nails used to be a big hobby. This is a copy of an article written about it in a Collecting Newsletter!

I’ve found the number 1 more than once, 1901~ wow! Some have the number stamped into the face, and some are cast with the number raised off the head. Apparently it depends on how old and which railroad line it was whether they are raised or stamped into the head.

I love the square heads, so rugged and strong. They were created for a function and they perform it beautifully. Now that is good design!

Now Meg and I get to do what we love best; create something new out of something old. It’s not hard to be inspired seeing the history and beauty of these old stamped headed nails so we have tons of inspiration! What a great base of typography to jump off of. Our heads are spinning and we can’t wait to share with you our future products from Green Couch! Stay tuned.

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DIY: Splitting Iris Bulbs


Iris are one of the most hardy flowers we have here in the hot, dry plains of Oklahoma and definitely one of the prettiest when properly used in your landscaping plan.

GCD: Custom Bed Design


When we got the call from Lorelei about possibly working on a new bed, I jumped at the chance. My forte was working with found materials and reclaimed wood but this project stretched me into new areas using fresh materials and a more polished look.

Fresh and Local: Kansas Farmers’ Market


A few weeks ago we we’re able to checkout a Kansas Farmers Market while visiting my family. I was overwhelmed by their great selection of produce, homemade bread, jams, plants, and selection of art. This was one market that truly has all things local.

The Old Hardware Store


There is nothing you can’t find in this wonderful vault of history, from nobs and pulls from the 1920′s to washtubs and cast iron skillets from 1905. The treasures never end.

Canning with Grandma: Dill Pickles


Cale loves Kosher Dill pickles. Unlike the the sweet Bread-and-Butter Pickles he likes the old school sour ones and eats them like french fries. As a fun surprise and a way to save the mound of cucumbers growing on my kitchen counter I decided to grab Grandma’s expertise and try my hand at pickling!

Nowakowski Farms: Sweet Corn

GCD 940 x 360_thumbnail

If you are from the Midwest you know there is nothing like eating fresh corn on the cob. Marinated with the perfect blend of butter and salt and pepper, it’s the perfect addition to any summer time meal.

The Fourth of July: Celebrate 2010

GCD 940 x 360_thumbnailFINAL3

Your favorite holiday maybe Christmas or Halloween but around the Lopp household it’s definitely the Fourth of July. Not only is it my dad’s birthday but it’s a reminder of what our country’s fore fathers did on that fateful day in 1776.

DIY: Party Lanterns for the Fourth


This craft can be used for any holiday, and is such a fun family event. For a little history on this craft, it was inspired by the antique ‘punched tin’ lanterns that the colonists brought over with them.

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