Spring Music Yard Party Mood Board

Spring Music Yard Party Inspiration & Mood Board | Bringing Design Home

It seems Cale and I are always hosting parties for our friends and family. We love it, but we’ve realized we don’t initiate having get togethers unless we have an excuse to get people together. This year we wanted to be a little bit more intentional about our gatherings and sharing our home. We wanted to have a “just because” party.

Low key and simple.

Our friend David Lord, the guy behind The Wonder Revolution, contacted us with the perfect opportunity. He was looking to fill a spot for his solo guitar project, Francis Moss, and was wondering if we would be open to hosting a house show. I told him several times that we have a very small house, but he insisted that our place sounded perfect!

“Francis Moss is guitarist David Lord (Solagget, The Wonder Revolution). Bridging the distance between jazz, rock, and experimental music, Lord creates meditative soundscapes with Francis Moss with attention to concise compositions and clean melodic lines. Although still recognizable as Lord, the music of Francis Moss resides in its own unique space.” – Francis Moss Website

We are happily planning away for our little Spring Music Yard Party in late April. I’ve been thinking about the kind of atmosphere that I want to create. Intimate, but casual enough that the kids can run around and play, acoustic and simple, spring sunsets with our friends, and maybe a sweet treat or two!?

Here is a list of images and links that are inspiring me for the event (corresponding with the images above):

  1. Our old oak tree surrounded with quilts and blankets. (top left image from the lovely Samantha Lamb).
  2. Minions running around barefoot chasing fireflies.
  3. Adult summertime beverages garnished with Pickled Green Beans from the garden. :)
  4. Picnic style gatherings similar to our Grilled Cheese Grill Party.
  5. Little garden gnomes and tiny mushroom stools. The dreamy things that make The Wonderful Revolution and David’s heart for music truly magical.
  6. Sipping out of mason jars just waiting to be re-canned with our garden’s first bounty!
  7. Homemade pie, cobbler, or maybe strawberry shortcake?! (bottom right image & Cherry Pie Recipe from Gimme Some Oven)
  8. Wouldn’t it be fun to serve fresh fruit sodas like this Strawberry, Rhubarb, Ginger & Peppercorn Soda Recipe from the Vintage Whites Market Blog?! (image not shown)
  9. Loving this family-friendly S’more’s Party by the lovely ladies at Merry Thought. (image not shown)

I’m looking forward to creating a fun space for David’s music. Do you have any other inspirational links that would help with the overall party vibe?! 

Can’t wait to share the final details with you all!

From The Farm

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Lesson #6: Paper Plates on a Weeknight

Lesson #6: Paper Plates on a Weeknight | Bringing Design Home

Come on. Let’s not over think it. All of us could list a hundred different things that we are trying to juggle right now, in this moment. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. For me, this time, I’ve chosen to let the dirty dishes win. I just can’t seem to keep up with it all and it stresses me out! My solution? Paper plates on the weeknights! Don’t get me wrong we still save our fancy plates for special nights with friends and for cutting thick pieces of juicy meat, but most nights we eat on these babies.

And it’s awesome!

It’s true, the dishes and I have finally found a mutual happy place. And when momma’s happy, everyone’s happy! :)

Say it with me; “We can’t do it all!” As a mom, as a wife, as a homemaker, and as a business owner there is no way I can give 100% of myself to all of those things 100% of the time. To be honest there is not enough of me to give. But we try. We try blending and weaving it all into one great song we call “life”, or at least for a few “pretty moments” where everything seems to be in perfect order. You know those moments in between naps when ALL the toys are put away, the laundry is not mounding over the couch, and I’ve got next week’s posts all written and ready to go! :)

And then comes Monday and we start the cycle all over again.

Everyone’s battles are different, and you have to learn not to compare. It’s easy to see how all the other moms are juggling it all and feel like you need to keep up with Mrs. Jones. Let me tell you right now, STOP IT! The grass is always greener, and someone else will always have a cleaner house than yours. Our biggest battle is against ourselves as we try and balance it all.

You have to be honest with yourself and what you like and don’t like doing. Personally I actually like grocery shopping, but cleaning the bathroom!? Ugh. I look forward to the day that I can hire a maid to deep clean my house (ain’t no shame ladies)! I say all that fully intending on working from home as I raise my kids. Does this make me a lazy parent!? Absolutely not!

Pick your battles when it comes to the rhythm of work+life.

The Miss. Do It All has got to realize she can’t do it all! And honestly, finding ways to streamline daily chores and tasks so that you get even 10 more minutes of quality family time, personal time, or business time is more than worth it!

What little ways have you learned to cut corners on daily tasks?!

For me, one of my solutions has been paper plates on a weeknight.

And if it makes you feel any less guilty, buy the pretty ones! ;)

From The Farm

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Around Here: Homemade Cobbler/Fields of Green/Gender Reveal/Trains/Porch Sitting/Rocking Chairs

Around Here: March 2014 | Bringing Design Home

We are officially 14 weeks till baby #2 is in our arms. Life has been SO full. It’s the kind of full that leaves you tired of running and going, but so glad you’ve had the time to visit old friends and family. From girls’ trips to Boston and KC, to spring break in Wichita we are looking forward to spending most of April at home. Not to mention there are some really exciting things happening around our little corner of the interweb. We are praying through lots of changes and updates. The good kind! We are brain storming and organizing our task list for Bringing Design Home, updating the nursery & toddler room combo, and Cale is continuing to study for his architectural license. Not to mention we ALSO picked out the perfect spot to build our dream house, of course now we can’t stop designing our future farmhouse, and Meg has officially started to waddle like a duck.

It’s definitely a busy season, but an exciting one! And to be honest, we don’t really see it slowing down anytime soon.

We’re trying to take it one day at time!

Learning to spend more time TRUSTING and less time WORRYING about ALLLLLLL the details.

Over spring break we visited this really cool train museum where the kids can climb on and inside all kinds of old trains in Wichita, Kansas! If James was a little bit older, we could seriously just let him roam around freely. The museum is just small enough you can keep tabs on the kiddos, and the train tracks run right by it (separated by a giant fence of course!) so the kids get to see real-life moving trains up close and personal.

If you are ever in the area pick a nice day and definitely visit the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

Don’t know about you all, but there is something extra refreshing about having a few extra hours left in the day. Thanks to daylight savings we’ve been enjoying lots of evening walks in the field next to our house. Now that James is old enough to run walk by himself, it’s so exhausting fun watching him explore every. little. detail.

We’ve also been thankful for some quality family porch time discussing deep thoughts on life with our 19 month old. Pretty sure Cale has waited his WHOLE life for THIS daddy moment. :)

Meg made it her mission to use up ALL of her canned fruit from 2013. Apparently she thinks that when we run out spring will get the HINT and hurry up and get here! We’re ready for fresh garden veggies, fruits, and more!

Anyone else?!

In the mean time we’ll be stuffing our faces with cobbler and homemade skillet desserts before the weather gets to hot to bake anything in our current farmhouse! :)

And lastly, we revealed the gender of baby#2 with a silly string fight! Any guesses on the gender?! :D

Looks like our life is gonna be surrounded by even MORE cars, trucks, plains, and trains.

It’s a boy!

Full speed ahead! :)

From The Farm

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Natural Birth & Parenting Event in OKC

Birth & Baby Connection of Oklahoma | Green Couch Design

We’ve been excited to brand a new up and coming event on Saturday, April 12th in OKC. The Birth & Baby Connection is a great place to get all your natural birth and parenting questions answered. Join us in a relaxed, family-friendly, atmosphere while mingling with local moms, families, businesses and non-profits.

PLUS there are tons of incredible giveaways AND door prizes! Checkout The Birth & Baby Connection Facebook Page to see the full schedule of the day. We are looking forward to sharing photos of the event and more pieces from this branding package after April 12th.

Hope to see you there!

From The Farm

Click here to read Our Homebirth Story: 42 Weeks + 5 Days

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DIY Slender & Rustic Dining Room Table

DIY Slender & Rustic Dining Room Table | Bringing Design Home

Recently we were able to work with Cut Loose Hair Design on not only their branding, but their interior design as well. One of the biggest draws to their salon is that they are very family-friendly and wanted to encourage that in every part of their space.

Our inspiration for a waiting room with a large family style dining table was originally found here. Although they loved the idea, Cut Loose didn’t have the extra square footage to host such a large table. Instead, they shrunk the table size down to accommodate their space. The finished piece is a slender sized dining room table that functions great within their space, but also creates an inviting and relaxed client waiting area.


We found several Table DIY’s as examples to help Cut Loose Hair Design visualize and create their own custom design.

Our list included:

  1. IKEA Vika Lerberg Iron Legs DIY from Stylizimo
  2. 3-Prong Hairpin Legs DIY from A Beautiful Mess
  3. Pottery Barn Inspired Wooden Legs DIY from Shanty 2 Chic


  • 9 4x4s
  • 1 2×4
  • 2 8ft 1/2″ threaded rod
  • 8 1/2″ washers, split washers, and nuts
  • X4 Joint plates
  • Box of Truss Screws for low profile on joint plates
  • Drills bits
  • 4 Casters (consider to hold enough weight)
  • 8 3″ x 3/8″ lag bolts for x beams (2x4s)
  • 16 2″ x 1/4″ lag bolts to hold casters


Ultimately the final design was one Cut Loose customized to their personal tastes. We asked the maker Matt Yacko, the owners son-in-law, to share his final thoughts, creative process, and any tips that might help others looking to make a similar table.

  1. Start with making the table top first: I identified where the structural supports needed to be which were close to the ends and then split equally across the middle.
  2. Experiment with the arrangement of the boards before inserting the metal rods: Since all of the boards were slightly different in thickness or had a unique warping, each 4×4 had to be measured and marked so that the surface of the table would be as close to flat as possible.
  3. Cut ½” threaded rod to the approximate desired width of the table: Make sure there is plenty of left over just in case! After drilling the first board, inserted the rods through the holes in order to line up the next 4×4.
  4. Use decorative hardware on the sides of the table to cover up the rod holes and add additional support: I cut the ½” threaded rod so that it would sit just recessed inside the counter bored holes and then installed the hardware to secure the tabletop into one piece.
  5. Assemble the entire table, stain the bottom, and add the casters while upside down: Flipping the table right-side-up is a task in itself, wait until you are completely finished and then use a friend! :)
  6. Install the legs using a framing joint commonly found at your local hardware store: Afterwards, measure out the desired angle of the cross beams securing the legs lag bolts in countersunk holes.
  7. Sand the bottom of the table with a heavy 40 grit belt sander: Legs are likely to touch this area but the finish is not as important because it will not be seen.
  8. Lightly sand the top, side, and legs of the table to preserve it’s natural finish: I used 2 coats of medium-sheen gloss polyurethane to seal the wood and smooth the surfaces with a light 200 grit sanding in between coats.


It’s always fun seeing clients take your initial ideas and truly make them their own. Walking into the Cut Loose Salon, the table is such a fun focal point and is always filled up with people, coats, and crayons. :)

Regardless of if you are looking to create a similar table for a waiting room or for your actual dining room we hope you’ve found a good example to get your creative juices flowing!

Now start drawing up sketches on that napkin! Go a head. You can do it, and send us photos when you’ve finished your own Rustic Table DIY!

Thanks again Matt for providing the supplies list and how to instructions!

From The Farm

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Girls “Work” Weekend in Kansas City :)


I’ve been getting truly spoiled lately! Not only have I gotten to travel to Boston to visit a good friend, but I recently traveled to Kansas City for another girls trip to catch up with Ali from Gimme Some Oven.

Being friends with a food blogger has it’s perks! I’ve known Ali for nearly fourteen years now and have definitely taken advantage of MANY of her yummy recipes. Not only is she a great friend, but she’s a true inspiration to me as a woman, a creative, and a blogger. My time with Ali was pretty simple, but just what I needed. For two solid days her downtown loft apartment became my home (and I saw the real mess of dishes when her kitchen doesn’t look like this!). ;) Together we pounded out blog posts, talked through long term goals for Bringing Design Home, created our own version of Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs, watched cheesy tv shows, and got addicted to Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Ali, you sure know how to show this pregnant lady a good time! ;)

Isn’t Ali’s dog the cutest thing!?!??? I’m honestly not a little dog person, but I just fell in love with him. He was my snuggle buddy while I was away from James.

This trip wasn’t so much about site seeing, but some of my favorite things included:

It was such a breath of fresh air to have a few days to focus solely on Bringing Design Home. I’m so thankful for my mom who gave up a few days of her spring break to watch my little minion, a husband who told me to “go and have a great time” even when that meant spending a whole week without seeing his family, and a wonderful friend who I got to share life with for a few days and bounce ideas off of.

I’m really excited about the future of Green Couch Design and our blog; Bringing Design Home.

Stay tuned. It’s gonna be amazing!

Thanks Ali. xoxo

From The Farm

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Chocolate Fun with Gimme Some Oven: Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles | Gimme Some Oven & Bringing Design Home

My friend Ali is so legit! We’ve been through a lot together and it’s been so much fun watching her blog, Gimme Some Oven, blossom into a full-time career. I recently took a little business trip to KC to hangout work on some long term business goals and learn a few tips and tricks from a blogging pro.

As most girls weekends go we enjoyed a wild night in our favorite stretchy pants, sippin Ginger Beer through dainty straws, and catching the latest Dancing with the Stars Episode. It was during this time we had a very important business meeting and brainstormed these magical creations–just in time for Easter! :)

I don’t know about you, but I think these babies take the traditional Chocolate Easter Egg to a whole… nother… level! Their cute presentation and ideal serving size are simply perfect for not only Easter, but any spring occasion.

Wouldn’t these be adorable at a baby shower?!

Follow Ali’s easy Easter Egg Oreo Truffles Recipe at Gimme Some Oven to make your very own!

Also, checkout some of these other yummy recipes from Gimme Some Oven that are now some of our personal favorites:

Look for more photos from my little KC getaway with Ali later this week!

Are you hungry yet?!

From The Farm

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Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process]

Nursery & Toddler Room Combo [In Process] | Bringing Design Home

Our 1910 farm house is slowly filling up with babies, toys, furniture, and just the kind of “stuff” that follows you around after 5 1/2 years of marriage (where does it all come from!?)! Although it feels like we are constantly getting rid of stuff, at the same time, we are also re-evaluating how we can better utilize every inch of our 1,000 square foot home.

You could say our house has three bedrooms, but… not really. When we moved in the washer and dryer were in the kitchen so we promptly found them a new home in the smallest bedroom. Although it’s made a great combo laundry/guest room, laundry/office room, and laundry/nursery room, it’s not the best setup. Originally we had switched the office into the largest bedroom in the house for our Green Couch Design Product Line. Now that we are focusing solely on our graphic design and architectural backgrounds our office space needs a little less room for inventory, packaging, and shipping.

With baby #2 on the way we decided to move both the kiddos into the larger bedroom hoping to give them, and their friends, a little more playroom when we have other families over to visit. The laundry/nursery room has worked great up to this point, but with James getting older and more mobile, there’s definitely not enough room to really play in his room. By combining the nursery & toddler room into the larger bedroom we can provide two play spaces, the living room and the kids’ room, and also shove them and their toys into one larger space when entertaining. :)

Poor kid, he has no idea what’s about to hit his little only child world. :)

One of our biggest problems with moving both kids into this room is that there is an old exterior door that is horribly insulated. In reality, it needs to be removed completely and become a part of the exterior wall, but that is a whole nother project that needs to be done when the house is resided. As with most home renovations sometimes you have to pick your battles, and this door issue was exactly that! Looking for a way to insulate AND hide the door (we’ve literally had snow come in the house, it’s that BAD) we had to come up with a really smart design solution that married good-looking aesthetics and function.

Instead of replacing the door AND the house siding the plywood accent walls buy us sometime until we are ready to invest in a more permanent solution. Since the room doesn’t have a closet space we had to get really creative with our storage options. By anchoring shelves to the plywood walls we won’t have to paint and patch as many holes in the future. Also, plywood can hold a lot more weight than sheet rock, so we plan to use the upper storage for heavier baby/toddler items that are not needed on a daily basis. By keeping the plywood sheets raw they add a balance of natural and masculine flare to the room that looks really cool! Not only were they easy to put up, but they provide lots of functional storage space.

What was unusable wall space due to a horribly insulated door, is now a flat, insulated, and usable surface with lots of potential!

We are also looking at putting more shelves on some of the larger wall spaces, but they still won’t be able to hold as much weight as the plywood accent walls.

It only took him about 5 seconds to make the room messy again. We promise we really do try and tidy things up when you guys stop by for a visit! :)

The changing table is another area that needs lots of storage. We are experimenting with one long shelf at the top, and then several smaller shelves toward the changing table. You definitely don’t want to get to close to the table otherwise you’ll have little ones hitting their heads and pulling down things while you are trying to change a poopy diaper!

We plan on implementing a lot of the same furniture pieces from our original nursery room design. Gray, white, and orange are still our main colors… until we find out we are having a girl?! ;)

We should know in the next few weeks!

At this point we’ve spent $10.00 on the toddler bed we found at a garage sale, but other then that furniture in the room has either been passed down as freebies, handmade completely, or given as a gift, like our antique rocker! The only money we’ve spent thus far is on three sheets of plywood and paint. I know the eclectic furniture drives Cale a little nuts cause they don’t always “match”, but I like the challenge of making them work together AND staying within a good budget! :)

How about you guys?

Any advice for creating a shared nursery and toddler room? What items are a must and what can we leave out?!

We’re always open to your suggestions!

From The Farm

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This Land is Our Land

This Land Is Our Land | Bringing Design Home

Apparently we’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from you guys! Not only are we expecting baby #2, but we are excited to announce that we are moving forward with building our own Modern Farmhouse! With Grandpa’s help we picked the perfect spot on top of 5 acres right next to Cale’s mom’s house. Some might think it’s crazy to build next to family, but we’re excited to live within walking distance and share in all the responsibilities of a caring for a big garden and future pigs, cows, chickens, bees, etc.

Lots of potential!

Since we have been married it’s been a dream of ours to build our own little homestead. We’ve loved every second we’ve had in our current 1910 farm house, but we are looking forward to having a place we can really call our own. After talking to the bank and doing some serious financial planning, we are aiming to break ground in 2016!

Two years seems like a long ways away, but we’ve got some major designing to do!

In the mean time Cale’s working on getting his architectural license and continuing to gain as much experience as possible in the construction industry. We can’t stop sketching and laying out every nook and cranny. Our ideas are still rough, but we look forward to sharing our design process with you along with picking out furniture, finishes, and flooring!

Any tips for building and/or designing your own home?!

From The Farm

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GCD: Cut Loose Hair Design [Branding & Salon Design]

Cut Loose Hair Design: Branding & Salon Design | Green Couch Design

Guy and Natalie, the owners of Cut Loose Hair Design, are a father-daughter duo that you will NEVER forget! Both of their personalities are very outgoing, over the top, and genuinely fun–perfect for a salon! It’s been a dream of theirs to work together in their own space, and after a few years of planning, saving, and gaining top-industry experience they were ready to take the leap into full-time studio owners.

Cut Loose Hair Design needed our help streamlining two very opinionated personalities into one cohesive aesthetic. The perfect blend of what makes Green Couch Design so unique, we were able to bring both our graphic design and architectural backgrounds to the table–offering a truly complete branding and interior design package. From finalizing the salon name, establishing a lasting brand with focus and drive, to offering interior design, floor plan, and lighting suggestions we were truly able to provide a big picture design vision for Cut Loose Hair Design.

A father-daughter run business Cut Loose Hair Design has the perfect blend of a masculine perspective on design, experienced education, and young innovative idea’s for men, women, and children alike. Their ongoing knowledge of hair design keeps them in style and on trend. At Cut Loose Hair Design they are not afraid to bring their own personal creativity and talents to the latest coloring, cutting, styling, perms, waxes, and updos for a final look customers love.

It was important to keep the brand design smart, but fun, clean, but friendly, classy, and display an overall positive vibe. The bright colors speak to Natalie’s love of teal and rustic decor, while the simple design and san serif font target Guy’s straight line business approach and love of industrial materials. At Cut Loose Hair Design family is centric to their entire business culture. The two sheers in the mark celebrate the coming together of the father-daughter salon duo, without being over the top or cheesy. The additional marks within the brand display a raw, almost cattle brand-like styling, without feeling too country.

Vintage family heirloom barrel furniture added a unique look and feel to the shop design. Looking to attract young and fun individuals and families it was important that the salon felt trendy, but comfortable. Unlike cheap chop-shops Cut Loose Hair Design builds personal relationships with their clients and it was important to create that casual atmosphere in the overall layout of the shop.

To maximize profit Cut Loose Hair Design needed to fit as many booth spaces as possible within their layout while still providing ease of movement and function. By extending the typical waiting area throughout the ends and central location of the studio we were able to fit more booths into the shop and create comfy seating “nooks” out of the odd leftover spaces. By spreading the waiting area throughout the midsection of the shop and adding a coffee bar–toward the back rightclients can move freely and truly make themselves at home.

The relaxed floor plan encourages genuine customer interaction with all the stylists and customers, while the individual booth spaces provide room for one-on-one professional care and attention.

Guy and Natalie wanted a professional, yet family-friendly atmosphere that people would want to come back to again and again. By placing seating throughout the entire shop the public space is clearly defined while encouraging clients to move around the salon. The comfy seating and handmade family-style dining room table make the space feel even more homey. Typically clients can find the table covered with hair and fashion magazines to coloring books. Cut Loose Hair Design is truly a trendy, yet kid-friendly place.

Originally the space was very bare and boring. Guy and Natalie wanted creative suggestions to add materials and interest throughout the entire salon. The upcycled pallet wall, wine rack towel holders, old doors where the mirrors are attached, are all elements that tie to the Cut Loose Hair Design raw, chic, and industrial aesthetic. With the help of their entire family the owners were not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They took each of our interior design suggestions to heart and truly made the shop their own.

Cut Loose Hair Design has been one of our favorite projects thus far because we were able to showcase all of what makes Green Couch Design so unique. We love family, we love homey spaces, and we love great design. Creating a space and a branding platform where all three of those could flourish in has been a dream come true.

Thanks Guy and Natalie!

From The Farm

* To view more work like this and others visit our graphic design portfolio at Green Couch Design.

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